Beating the Winter Blues

‘Tis the season for shorter days and longer nights. As the temperature drops, so does our motivation to get out of bed each morning. Why leave when the covers are toasty and comfortable? This also raises another important question: how do we get out of this winter slump? National Health Information Service NHS Inform is… Continue reading Beating the Winter Blues


PIAL Expresses Their Gratitude

This time of year is all about being thankful and thinking about the moments that bring us joy! For this month, PIAL wants to share all the things that we are grateful for with you. This year has been filled with many amazing memories that each team member holds dear to themselves. From Davenport to… Continue reading PIAL Expresses Their Gratitude


ALL IN Against Bullying

October is National Bullying Awareness Month! Unfortunately, bullying is still occurring at a high rate. With social networking platforms expanding each year, there are only a greater number of opportunities for students to receive negative and hurtful attention from their peers. It’s important for all of us to do our part and make an impact… Continue reading ALL IN Against Bullying


Getting Back into the Swing of School

It’s September, and that means it’s a fresh start to a new school year. PIAL is extremely excited to get back into the classrooms and begin presenting for the students again! With that being said, the team has had plenty of occasions to strengthen our presentation skills this summer. PIAL got the opportunity to present… Continue reading Getting Back into the Swing of School


A Reminder to Take Care of Yourself

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the Parenting: It’s a Life (PIAL) team observes and honors this important month. Mental health is defined as an individual’s emotional well-being. Every person needs to take care of their mental health and emotional well-being including emotion regulation, interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, perception, and behavior. The PIAL team would… Continue reading A Reminder to Take Care of Yourself


Volunteering at Teen Maze

The Parenting: It’s a Life (PIAL) team volunteered at Teen Maze on April 4th - April 8th. Teen Maze is a prevention and life skills learning opportunity for middle schoolers in Central Iowa. Students from around the area (about 1,000 students) go to Boone County Fairgrounds to experience, “an interactive, experiential learning event to help… Continue reading Volunteering at Teen Maze


Insider Intel with a Student Parent!

Within the last year, Parenting: It’s a Life has began focusing more attention on a specific target population: student parents! With that, this blog will explore the realities of being a student parent and share some parenting resources. The PIAL team is lucky to have two student parents as part of our team, Maneesha and… Continue reading Insider Intel with a Student Parent!


Special Edition: Dear Younger Me

A Personal Account of Teaching Youth about Healthy Relationships On December 17th and January 12th, I had the pleasure of helping facilitate The Teen Dating Violence Simulation: In Their Shoes at Dallas-Center Grimes High School. As a facilitator, I sat at a table with about 3-5 high school students. My role was to read the… Continue reading Special Edition: Dear Younger Me


A Month of Gratitude #MotivationNovember

November is a great reminder to practice gratitude. The PIAL team is grateful for the opportunity to serve youth across the state of Iowa. We are also grateful for the teachers who invite us into their classrooms. During this month of gratitude, PIAL wants to thank all of you who support and follow us. Articles… Continue reading A Month of Gratitude #MotivationNovember


National Bullying Prevention Month #UnityDay2021

October is National Bullying Prevention Month! The PIAL team would like to share some resources and information for Bullying Prevention Month. To start, here’s a video explaining why National Bullying Prevention Month is important to celebrate. “5 Reasons to Celebrate National Bullying Prevention Month” by PACER Center - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu9eW98vyAs Next, we’d like to share the… Continue reading National Bullying Prevention Month #UnityDay2021


Back-to-School Time

Happy Back-to-School Time! The PIAL team wants to wish you the best of luck as you start a new school year. We can’t wait to get back into your classrooms and share our modules and teen dating violence awareness simulation with you! Looking back on August, we’d love to share a special opportunity afforded to… Continue reading Back-to-School Time



Hello! My name is Kady and I will be taking over the PIAL blog. I joined the PIAL team in March of 2021 as an undergraduate facilitator. I will be a senior at Iowa State University this fall studying Child, Adult, and Family Services, and Psychology. I am so excited to be taking over the… Continue reading #RelationshipGolds

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Hannah is Passing the Torch

Hello! For the past few years, I have been writing the PIAL blog and it has been such a passion of mine. I love to write and I love bringing together what PIAL is doing and other important causes to readers all over the world. I am a senior here at Iowa State, and I… Continue reading Hannah is Passing the Torch


How Can Educators Support Young Parents?

Being a strong teen parent can be challenging, but with a supportive network of people and resources, it can be successful! Teen parents have a huge responsibility on their shoulders, and they need help and support from parents, teachers, peers, and other adults in their lives. Listening and empathizing with teen parents is crucial for… Continue reading How Can Educators Support Young Parents?

Healthy Relationships

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. This month brings awareness to dating violence in teenage relationships. Many teens do not think that their relationships could be unhealthy, abusive, dangerous, and even deadly. During our presentations, we find many teenagers who do not believe that teen dating violence is happening right now. At PIAL, we… Continue reading Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month


A Look Into PIAL’s Virtual Presentations!

The PIAL team has been hard at work transforming our current presentations into a virtual format. Even though COVID-19 has turned learning on its head, as a team we still want to be able to reach your students. PIAL began training and preparing for virtual presentations in July. Countless webinars, meetings, trial and errors, and… Continue reading A Look Into PIAL’s Virtual Presentations!


School Continues to Change in the Face of COVID-19

As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, the impact is definitely being felt here at Iowa State University as well. In an attempt to keep COVID from spreading throughout the community, the university has changed many classes to an online-only format, a majority of classes to a hybrid model, and very few classes remain… Continue reading School Continues to Change in the Face of COVID-19


Professional Development Doesn’t Have to Be Boring!

You might dread a Professional Development day at work, but what if you were excited for those opportunities instead? Sounds great, right?! Now, professional development doesn't have to happen just at work. We can always better ourselves on our own time and it doesn't have to be extensive or boring. Here are some platforms where… Continue reading Professional Development Doesn’t Have to Be Boring!

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Self-Care for our Modern-Day Superheroes: TEACHERS

Students tend to underestimate the superhero-like powers of our teachers. Rather than superspeed or strength, I’m referring to the seemingly endless well of patience our teachers draw on and their genuine empathy for students who are struggling in a field that is often underappreciated today. I had a teacher who always believed in me and… Continue reading Self-Care for our Modern-Day Superheroes: TEACHERS


Establishing Paternity & Why It Matters

In June, Father's Day was celebrated in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom (VanSchums, 2022). This looks different for different people and families. The Parenting: It's a Life program educates about establishing paternity and the benefits that come with legal fatherhood. Benefits of establishing paternity: Fathers can pursue visitation/custody rightsFathers can request financial support… Continue reading Establishing Paternity & Why It Matters